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Devon sawa dating married

I didn’t watch the premiere episode of Dawson’s Creek when it aired on The WB in 1998 – and pretty much every girl in school told me how foolish of a decision this was.

And just in case you thought that the Leo lovin’ has died down since the ’90s, just ask any of the supermodels Di Caprio has dated over the past decade — it hasn’t.

She barely had time to register it was Baffleck (noticing first that he was just "incredibly, ruggedly, mind-bogglingly handsome") before he disappeared again — as caped crusaders are wont to do. Both were incredibly nervous ("I looked over at Ben, and he had gone completely white," she recalls).

Luckily, the young naifs nailed it and "went on to kiss almost every week for the next seven years." (Savage did tell podcast that he and Fishel went on a real date once, but he didn't know it was a date at the time, and therefore blew it.) And Lance Bass was (almost) her last.

The Vancouver-born father-of-one, who was just 16 when he shot the spooky picture, now boasts chiselled good looks while his blonde tresses still remain.