Start Scrappy and shay dating

Scrappy and shay dating

No word yet on whether Bambi and Shay Johnson will come face to face when “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns in April.

If you can recall Shay was Scrappy’s “best friend” turned lover while he was dating Erica Dixon.

Apparently both smitten by this “prize” of a rapper, both Bambi and Shay have been trading not so subtle disses on Instagram.

Yes, Bambi actually threw out all of his clothes, and from the sounds of it, the Not one to sit around and wait for her man to grow a set and return home, Bambi hopped around the house, grabbing all of Scrappy's belongings and sending them on a way ticket to the trash.

“The thing that made [Bambi] really snap was when she heard [Lil Scrappy] was hooking up with his stripper ex-girlfriend in Miami,” the Bambi source told Hollywood

According to sources close to both parties, the confrontation occurred as Shay entered the salon.

Shay allegedly instigated the fight but ended up the victim after both girls were separated.

The once engaged couple endured cheating, shouting matches, family melees, and a litany of tears.

Bambi Benson is tired of waiting around for Lil Scrappy to return home and resume their toxic relationship, so she decided the best way to move on is to say goodbye to old trash.

Apparently none too pleased by Johnson’s close proximity to her current beau, Bambi replied snidely.

“No side chick formed against me shall prosper.” The babble between the two ladies then continued via several pointless memes.

"People don’t understand — they just think it’s all this glitz and glamour because you’re on TV, but there’s so much that comes with it.