Start Tweetdeck validating problem

Tweetdeck validating problem

I wanted to use this data to test timing tweets, so I signed up for a free Tweetdeck account and tried to time my next update for a time when Crowdbooster recommended.

I was able to find and test a workaround though, and have decided since it helped me I should post it here.

Today I tried to start scheduling updates on Tweetdeck.

I quickly ran into the issue of not being able to set automatic updates. I have been using Tweetdeck for about a week now at work.

You cannot change the password or manage account settings. I’ve previously given out the password for an account. Your list of team members shows everyone who currently has access to this account in Tweet Deck, including those who have historically been given the password, as well as those who have been added as Contributors or Admins.

If there is a user showing in the list who should not have access, click Change role next to the user and select Remove from team.

Team members can enable login verification on their own accounts, which will keep their account secure (as well as any additional accounts in their Tweet Deck).

By using the teams feature, one person looks after the password, while others can be granted access to the account as admins or contributors: Owner As a member of a team, you can post Tweets, Direct Message, like, and Retweet. You can change your settings to adjust who can invite you to a team on Twitter for teams section of your Privacy and safety settings on

I had a really frustrating issue recently with Tweetdeck, a tool to manage multiple twitter accounts.