Start Updating inspiron 530 dell cpu

Updating inspiron 530 dell cpu

I'm pretty technical in most areas but this SLIC thing is kinda new to me.

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When I connect with HD monitor, even though I set lower resolution, the situation still the same.

It cannot be resolved by updating Bios and using HD530 latest driver.

When I restore PC back to the factory setting, the situation still the same.

The final solution: I need to connect PC with the monitor with both HDMI and VGA, then tell PC to output multiple screen in clone mode.

Right click on it, and do RUN AS Administrator It will open up, DO NOT PRESS UPDATE!!!! so I came to know about this new term SLIC just 2 days back and thanks to my TAUREAN bullhead that following N no of threads on various websites, I finally succeeded in updating my Dell Inspiron 530 to SLIC 2.1 Bios v. I confirmed it using the RW (read write) utility and it shows the numbers 53 20 01 00 00 .... I already have Win XP loaded on my machine and have loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on another partition.

Go to Run, type in %temp% then hit enter Find a newly created folder, something like _2BF2Go into that folder, you will find winflash and the bin file. When it asked for the KEY, I SKIPPED it for later online activation.

I reset my operating system and everything was fine until I installed Visual Studio 2015 again.

The Dell Inspiron 3250 come with a Graphic card, when I remove it and connect display direct with HD 530 output, screen display become unstable:1)when connecting with HDMI: screen moving left then right randomly (about every 5 minutes) and also flash2)when connecting with VGA: screen turns dark and become on again randomly (about every 5 minutes) This is not happening when I connect PC with old monitor (non-HD type via VGA).

Finding and loading the latest BIOS for your Dell Inspiron computer is a straightforward process. Open your Web browser and navigate to the Dell Support home page.