Start Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

You must also have experience configuring server software and hardware.

The Veritas Backup Exec 15: Administration course is designed for the data protection professional tasked with architecting, implementing, backing up, and restoring critical data.

This five-day, Instructor-led, hands-on class covers how to back up and restore data, configure storage devices, manage media, and maintain the Backup Exec environment.

Symantec Backup Exec has been around in one form or another since the early 1990s and has a reputation as one of the more reliable backup products on the market. This tip discusses five of the most common Backup Exec errors and how to resolve them.

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Scroll down to the bottom then highlight the items you want to delete … The process will repeat as Backup Exec rolls through the backup sets you have selected, possibly prompting again for your input on deletion.

The process can be quite lengthy as data is being deleted from storage media (like the QNAP) as well as catalogues are being pruned of references to the datasets.

Removing a large amount of old data can easily take an hour or two so be prepared.