Start Restore ipad to factory settings without updating

Restore ipad to factory settings without updating

When you choose to restore your i Phone, please read the following carefully: • Unexpected errors When you restore the i Phone using i Tunes, some unexpected errors may occur.

If you restore it with i Tunes, a backup will be made of your files and apps. It is located on the sidebar under "Devices."Click "Restore" in the "Summary" window.

I want to restore it to factory defaults as I plan to use it again.

Everything I'm finding on this topic suggests that I need to use i Tunes on a computer to accomplish this. Can't I use some combination of powering off/powering on and physical buttons to accomplish the same thing? You can try to brute force the pin, you can try to log in if you already have jail broken the device, the only option to bypass the pin is to connect to USB and have i Tunes or a similar sophisticated program speak with the firmware.

For many cases like the situations mentioned above, numbers of i Phone users are unwilling to upgrade their devices when they have to restore their i Phone 4/5/6/7.