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Sexy cam shots

He went as far as teaching Jim how to format his writing and giving him pointers on the craft.

There are few directors with a visual style as distinctive as Wes Anderson's, and to find out just what goes into his carefully composed shots, you'll want to talk to Robert Yeoman.

The 63-year-old cinematographer has shot every one of Anderson's films (save for the stop-motion Fantastic Mr.

It's a dearth of bad selfies, pets, babies, and mediocre meals.

The 23-year-old said she 'shocked' her 39-year-old co-star when she pushed him out the way during shooting because he was 'in her light', as she displayed her long legs in hot pants in the January/February issue of Manhattan Magazine.

Fox); though, astoundingly, he's never been nominated for an Academy Award.

Still, with The Grand Budapest Hotel in the hunt for multiple Oscar nods next week, what better time to talk to Yeoman about his storied career, using nine of Anderson's most famous scenes and shots as prompts?

Wearing a black dress, a black hat and a black shade, the Ghanaian actress posed for the camera with her legs taking center stage.

Nadia Buari is a mother of twins and motherhood has not in anyway taken a shot at her beauty and hotness—she continues to push the boundaries of s*xiness.

The latest rap feud to capture the attention of the rap world is the ongoing war of words between Dipset founders Cam’ron and Jim Jones, with both sides airing their grievances and giving a glimpse into the inner workings of their relationship.

With the bad blood between the two boiling over after the two sent shots at each other throughout 2016, Cam and Jim have continued to extend their back and forth into 2017, and the whole ordeal has the hip-hop community talking.

Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews tearfully told a Tenn. 29 about the shock and humiliation she experienced after a stalker posted a nude video of her.