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Dating dragonball pan trunks z

She was waiting oh so patiently as she tapped her foot on the carpeted floor."Why are you so jumpy Trunks?

It features the ability for players to fuse varies Dragon Ball characters which is part of the selling point for the game.

Trunk's Dateby: Sakura Maxwell*please forget the whole Z/GT timeline. " Startled out of his reverie, 15-year old Trunks looked up in surprise as he bumped into someone.

I was wonderin' if you wanted to go to the movies with me tonight." The 14-year old smiled up at him hopefully.

Brief (maternal grandfather)Panchy (maternal grandmother)Vegeta (father)Bulma (mother)Bulla (sister)Tights (maternal aunt) Trunks has his grandfather's lavender hair color (blue in the manga) and his mother's blue eyes.