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Bradp underground dating seminar

Otherwise, anyone who has achieved any kind of fame, and happened to browse seduction forums could be a considered a "notable member of the seduction community." Not only should someone be notable in the wikipedia sense, but they should also be notable and influential within the community.

Joshua Pellicer is an experienced, well-known name in the world of the pick-up artist.

As Josh explains on his site, he started out as just an ordinary guy looking for advice on how to get women.

I think as a good guide, we should say you need to be able to find three news articles about someone before we count them as notable - otherwise we start to have people like Ray Gordon, Shark, st Ri PPed, and so on adding vanity pages about themselves. Wooden Buddha , 6 April 2006 (UTC) Ok, I would like to get a bit more specific on exactly what this template is for, or else it will get impossibly long and useless.