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Netizens in China reported the immediate deletion or blocking of references to Liu Xiaobo, who died at a hospital in Jinzhou in the north west part of the country from liver cancer.

He had been held as a political prisoner for over eight years, and the Chinese government refused a request for him to seek medical attention overseas.

To be clear, we're told that censors were able to peer into private conversations on Chinese services, and strip out any banned material as it moved from person to person.

For foreign services, such as the encrypted Whats App, they were only able to block all large messages or simply firewall off whole systems in a ham-fisted way.

However, if you have one, you may use it as an option!

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As the new school year begins at colleges and universities, students are planning their class schedules, reconnecting with friends and buying new textbooks, supplies and technology.

Concerned that his death could lead to political protest, Chinese censors went into overdrive, using keywords to try to remove any mention or discussion of Xiaobo from We Chat, Weibo, and other Chinese services.

A review of that censorship by the University of Toronto's The Citizen Lab revealed a depth of sophistication and hitherto unknown censorship capabilities.

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