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Bruce willis and cybill shepherd dating

"I just don't want to waste 'em." Not a chance. We have three children whom we will continue to raise together, and we're probably as close now as we ever were. You got married, moved to Hailey and began buying everything in town - a diner, a club, a movie theater. Both of us liked the town where we're raising our kids. I'm like everyone else - just walking through it day by day, trying to figure it out. They told me that movie stars didn't do stuff like that. A lot of attention was paid to all the money you made from The Sixth Sense.

It is late October, and a few days ago he was in Milan, Italy, whooping it up during fashion week, drinking with Dennis Hopper at the Hotel Principe di Savoia. And this film, Unbreakable, is far and away the best thing I've ever done. Most movies that come out of Hollywood are adaptations of novels, fiction or remakes of old movies, the retelling of an old movie in modern terms. Did you have any idea The Sixth Sense would be a phenomenon? Now, the pragmatic side to all this money is my contribution to the industry. Disney has made more than a billion dollars on the last couple of films I've done for them. But I'm aware that we're talking about an enormous amount of money. I think it's just as startling to them how much dough I make.

Though devoted to his three daughters - Rumer, 12; Scout, 9; and Talullah, 6 - he bops between homes in Hailey, Idaho, Los Angeles and his new $15 million Trump Tower apartment in New York. "I like having the dough to come and go as I please," he admits. Michael Clarke Duncan says Bruce tipped him off to his Oscar-nominated part in The Green Mile and personally phoned the director to get him the first audition. It's difficult for any couple to keep their marriage intact under the best of circumstances, and our marriage was under a huge magnifying glass all the time.

Haley Joel Osment says, "He introduced me to Julia Roberts. " And Matthew Perry, who bonded with Willis on the comedy The Whole Nine Yards, marvels at his ability to be a friend. Well, I can give you the philosophical answer, which is also the most universal: Things change. So it might have been a little more difficult for us.

Yesterday afternoon, he emceed an event at New York's Planet Hollywood. To the studios, my job is to get people into the theater that first weekend. Just saying that sounds so weak and flimsy, but when people see the movie, they'll know what I'm talking about. But Night is in a very small category of people who make it up in their heads. When I read the script, I was completely fooled in the same way the audience was when they saw the film. I heard that during production, you had a "scholarship fund" for the crew. If you're making minimum wage or living check to check or even doing a little better than that and raising kids, and you read that Bruce Willis made whatever amount of dough on his next film, you go "That's a helluva lot of money." And it is.

At night, he took some buddies to a World Series game at Shea Stadium. I don't know what I thought before - maybe that fame was like a light switch that you could turn off and on and be anonymous when you wanted. Only recently have I allowed myself to talk about acting in terms of what I get out of it. It's so hurried-up and determined by time and money. Everybody sees me as this other creation, this holographic creation that's a composite of the movies and TV shows they've seen and the articles they've read. I like Pulp Fiction a lot just as a film, as something to watch. What makes your collaboration with the film's writer and director, M. No one, not even Night, believed we would be able to fool the audience the way we did. They just said, "No, you've got to see it." Is Unbreakable similar? You'd put each person's name in a bucket, draw a name and winners got $500. Yeah, well, the scholarship fund has become a kind of tradition on the set.

Willis, sources say, seemed tentative in the role of a writer held captive by a crazy fan.

It didn’t help that he was up against the formidable Laurie Metcalf, who, I’m told, is absolutely terrifying as Annie Wilkes.

It’s an ongoing issue in these Die Hard films, because my character always thinks he knows what the f*** he’s doing but he really doesn’t.’ In the latest film, said character John Mc Clane is on a mission to rescue his son from Russia and, as usual, is soon operating outside his comfort zone. And they’re definitely in charge on Valentine’s Day.’ If Willis is correct, then there should be a sizeable number hoping that this is A Good Valentine’s Day To Die Hard (sorry, an awful pun, but you know what I mean).