Start Date modified not updating

Date modified not updating

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I modified a script I found here, which originally was used to modify the date by minus one month. While your date is changed, many other files could get wrong date stamps on them and anything can happen when something else in the system notices that a file is older than expected.

You can keep track of when records in a table are last modified, by using a form with a macro.

For example, `-r foo -d '-5 seconds'' specifies a time stamp equal to five seconds before the corresponding time stamp for `foo'. This works(using sed to convert date to format touch can handle): 'touch -d $(identify -format %[exif: Date Time] $f|sed -r 's/:/-/;s/:/-/;') $f' It's been a long time since I wrote any kind of Unix program, but I accidentally set the year incorrectly on a bunch of Christmas photos, and I knew if I didn't change the date from 2015 to 2014 it would be a problem later on. JPG') # use newline as file separator (handle spaces in filenames) IFS=$'\n' for f in $ do # read file modification date using stat as seconds # adjust date backwards (1 month) using date and print in correct format # change file time using touch touch -t $(date -v -1m -r $(stat -f %m "$") %Y%m%d%H%M.%S) "$" done #! This works(using sed to convert date to format touch can handle): 'touch -d $(identify -format %[exif: Date Time] $f|sed -r 's/:/-/;s/:/-/;') $f' That may have unforeseen consequences.

This makes it hard to see what files have updated recently since the main build files rarely change compared to the imports.

I am importing data via csv file using the system importer from the Admin side (not the project admimistration side).

I am trying to import the dates of last updated into the system field "Date Modiefied." This does not work as I had thought and instead the date updated reflects the date that I did the imports on.

Does anyone know how to import dates into the Date Modified field using csv file through the system importer?