Start Fetish dating transsexual

Fetish dating transsexual

When we come to talk about men who are attracted to transgender women, we’re usually not informed about them.

In this part of their life, or these transwomen are in their natural form.

They live their life as a woman and dress up the way(although it depends upon her society and being in closet or not) .

When a cis person is attracted to a trans person, that should never be viewed (in and of itself) as a fetish, because that would cast any relationships between trans and cis people as shameful—just as same-sex relationships were called sick and perverted in decades past.

Author Janet Mock has explained this rather elegantly.

Once upon a time, when I was much earlier in my life as a woman and had more insecurity than wisdom, I briefly dated "Chad," a chaser.

I've considered that experience carefully and consulted other trans people on their chaser experiences: There's a disturbing common narrative.

Before I talk about men who are attracted to transwomen, lets make clear what transwoman is.