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He calls his campaign "Occupy Pedophilia" in the style of the "Occupy" protests against Wall Street and the banking industry by anticapitalist protesters.

In fact, Martsinkevich has little time for Occupy's left-wing ideals. For months now he has been posting video clips online that show him and his accomplices harassing gay men.

This prompts the woman to commit suicide and the man decides to seek revenge from the inside by joining the...

See full summary » A gang of skinheads 'Russia 88' are filming propaganda videos in order to place it on the internet.

She is assigned to a special class for disabled pupils who have to present themselves...

See full summary » An interracial couple is attacked and the woman is gang-raped in a random attack.

At the same time the camera records the life of the gang, they become accustomed to this and stop paying attention to it.

The leader of the gang 'Blade' discovers that his sister is dating a Caucasian guy. This movie already made a small history by getting banned in Russia.

The rainbow flag is the symbol of the international gay rights movement.

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I like the lioness that desires the intimate company of a lion.' Biopic: Delaine (center) pictured with the actresses who star in the Lifetime movie of her book, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom.