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It's enough to see financial backers and high street shops drop the Habbo brand in a flash.

But much of their subtler charm comes from how they capture—in bizarre, messy fashion—the contradictory nature of American small talk as a phenomenon that’s at once gloriously mundane and necessary to human connection. Where an American filmmaker might not think to include such an apparently pointless discussion (the scene adds nothing to the plot), Wiseau seems to think the scene lends everyday realism to the movie. Such lines brand themselves in the minds of viewers, in part because of how they violate the unspoken rules that govern polite conversation. He tells them his first name (“Alfonso Rafael Federico Sebastian”), but before he can say his last name, Joe gets annoyed and rushes Frank out. “His last name would’ve made a book.” Polite conversation with strangers can, of course, be irritating, but captures the uglier traits that can surface from forced interaction.

Chances are your absence could make him feel super shitty for what he did rather than immediately go on the defense.

Whatever side of the debate you fall on, it’s difficult to ignore the uniquely American dimensions of small talk. ” Joe asks an attractive blonde sitting next to the Japanese gang leader in one scene.

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