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That Perloff should exaggerate and lie about the facts of evolution is no surprise.

commission) and her own adaptation (with Paul Walsh) of A Christmas Carol; the American premieres of Tom Stoppard's The Invention of Love and Indian Ink and Harold Pinter's Celebration; A.

James Perloff argues against the fact of evolution and the theory of Charles Darwin that seeks to explain it.

In this essay I will examine an Internet article in which he details his arguments against Darwinism and evolution.

As I will show the quality of argument in his essay casts serious doubt over all the arguments he presents in his book.

3) It is foolish for a quoted company to upset its largest shareholder.

4) It is foolish to sack a director who is knowledgeable, well-connected and who does not charge a salary or any expenses.” London-listed Beales said on Monday that Mr Perloff’s £1.23m takeover offer, equivalent to 6p-a-share, was “disappointing and that in different circumstances it could have achieved a price that would value the business and assets of Beales more fully”.

for the past 25 years has been the greatest joy of my life," says Perloff. I have worked to build." Adds Perloff: "Twenty-five years ago, The Geary Theater lay in ruins and much of this astonishing organization had to be rebuilt from the ground up. That I get to direct Pinter's The Birthday Party with Marco Barricelli, Scott Wentworth, and Judith Ivey--and another soon-to-be announced favorite classic--during my final season is icing on the cake." Nancy Livingston, Chair of A. T.'s Board of Trustees, adds: "Carey Perloff's 25-year legacy at A.