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And from then on, pizza was an established part of the American culinary landscape. When did Americans start making their own pizza at home, from scratch, rather than piling into the Studebaker to drive down to the pizza parlor for takeout? This ubiquitous herb was considered a new and “dashing” ingredient in American kitchens back then, having only recently made its way over from Italy – like pizza. And the topping: oh, my, we’re back to anchovies and meat – canned pork sausage (dare I think Vienna? I substituted half a pound of cooked, crumbled breakfast sausage.

Pomus stated that more often than not, he was the only Caucasian in the clubs, but that as a Jew and a polio victim, he felt a special "underdog" kinship with African Americans, while in turn the audiences both respected his courage and were impressed with his talent.

Gigging at various clubs in and around New York City, Pomus often performed with the likes of Milt Jackson, Mickey Baker and King Curtis.

Later, due to post-polio syndrome, exacerbated by an accident, Felder eventually relied on a wheelchair. Using the stage name "Doc Pomus", teenager Felder began performing as a blues singer.

His stage name was not inspired by anyone in particular; he just thought it sounded better for a blues singer than the name Jerry Felder.

Felder became a fan of the blues after hearing a Big Joe Turner record.

Having had polio as a boy, he walked with the help of crutches.

Pomus recorded approximately 40 sides as a singer in the '40s and '50s for record companies such as Chess, Apollo, Gotham and others.