Start Ny times muslim speed dating

Ny times muslim speed dating

One seminar, called "Dating," promised attendees helpful hints for "Muslim families struggling to save their children from it."The couple of hundred people attending the dating seminar burst out laughing when Imam Muhamed Magid of the Adams Center, a collective of seven mosques in Virginia, summed up the basic instructions that Muslim American parents give their adolescent children, particularly males: "Don't talk to the Muslim girls, ever, but you are going to marry them. "So the kids are caught between the ideal of their parents and the openness of the culture on this issue."The questions raised at the seminar reflected just how pained many American Muslims are by the subject.

There are always more women: many Muslim men return to their ancestral villages to select a wife.

On this Sunday, one bachelorette wore knee-high leather boots and purple eye shadow; another, a long, elegant white dress.

As for the non-Muslim girls, talk to them, but don’t ever bring one home.” “These kids grew up in America, where the social norm is that it is O. One middle-aged man wondered if there was anything he could do now that his 32-year-old son had declared his intention of marrying a (shudder) Roman Catholic.

Right would be Pakistani, though someone from India might do. Baig prefers a doctor or lawyer, yet will accept other professions. Then, shrugging toward his 21-year-old daughter, a nursing student, he added, ''But it's her choice.

An article appeared in NY Times today which is just way too funny. I have written on Halal dating before, but this takes it to a new level.

I had heard about the ISNA convention fast becoming a place for young men and women to meet each other for marriage, but this puts it into perspctive. It’s Muslim Boy Meets Girl, Yes, but Please Don’t Call It Dating (Source: NY Times) CHICAGO — So here’s the thing about speed dating for Muslims.

-- “The Best and the Brightest,” by David Halberstam: Marc Tracy, who covers college football for the New York Times, spotted Bannon at the Atlanta airport on the day after Christmas reading this 1972 history of the strategic errors that led to the quagmire in Vietnam.