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Repeatedly, Russia had somehow found itself winning engagements against superior firepower, often without the advantages of modern weaponry.

A young Iranian girl holds a national flag during a ceremony marking the 36th anniversary of the return from exile of the founder of Iran's Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Parliamentarians in Iran have recently passed such a bill, I kid you not.

Until the 18 century, the Feudal Tsarism of Russia had little to no interaction with the Western World.

For two and a half centuries this isolated, agrarian state continually lagged one step behind the West in terms of technological capability.

However, despite an egregious lack of comparable armaments, the Russian army surprised the world and prevailed in several conflicts against modernized Western states.

Serious questions arose concerning contemporary military thought and doctrine.

However, spooks have warned these defeats are not totally demoralising ISIS and a terror attack in Europe could be imminent.

The cult has pledged to continuing lashing out against civilians following the slaughter of 20 diners in a cafe in Bangladesh, the killing of 131 shoppers in Baghdad with a truck bomb, and the massacre of 44 airline passengers in Istanbul.

The monstrous Sajad Gharibi, 24, will be volunteering with the Iranian army to battle the death cult as he aims to put the final nail in the crumbling caliphate.