Start White woman dating vietnamese man

White woman dating vietnamese man

You might be mixed with German, English, Scottish, and Dutch; or you could just be half English and half Irish. Just kidding 🙂 If he is an immigrant from Asia, you just have to use your best judgment to see how culturally attached he is. Figure out what his views are on religion, relationships, sex, marriage, and cuddling. Some of you ladies seem too scared to do that and you make the biggest mistake you can possibly make: you make very stereotypical assumptions.

There are many rules, tips, guidelines and strategies to follow when it comes to being with a Vietnamese guy, none of which is more important than the ONE that I am going to share with you today. You can spend your time vetting out the non-smoking, non-gambling, non-pool hall hustlin’, non-middle of the day cafe sua da drinking, dentist to bring home to mom and dad.

So by chance if you happen to find that rare breed of unicorn that is the perfect Vietnamese guy, heed this advice not only if you are seeking to marry your Vietnamese man, but especially if you want to have a loving and happy relationship with his family as well. And your parents will love that he doesn’t yell out “DO MA! They’ll be ecstatic that he’s able to make his own money and buy his own home.

On top of that, if she were a good looking older Vietnamese woman, the expectations she would have for her future daughter in law would be above that of the above average girl.

However, none of these benefits of landing the perfect Vietnamese man matters once you meet HIS mom. Chances are, on your first encounter with her, she checked you out from head to toe.

This video, titled “Why White Girl’s Dont Date Asian Guys,” provides another perspective.

The female in this clip is not at all racist, her reasoning for not dating Asian guys is because Asian guys don’t approach her!

In fact, I myself barely know what’s going on because there’s just too much crap swimming in our toilet.