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Elijah wood dating now

‘IT’S a cautionary tale,” says Elijah Wood, “in the sense that you shouldn’t meet your idols because they may not be what you expect, and they will probably disappoint you.” He’s talking about Set Fire To The Stars, a new movie about Dylan Thomas which receives its world premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, but Wood is also an actor who dodges expectations.

Out of that comes this sense of family amongst the community.

It’s a really special and beautiful environment and yes, genuine relationships can occur and that’s how Nacho and I first met and then we ended up working together.

I think if anything can be gleaned from these recent events, maybe it’s getting to where we can actually have a real fucking dialogue about what it is that we do online and the genuine consequences that those things can have. I actually have a lot of respect for the film because oftentimes when you talk about a movie that has something really heinous, it’s typically within the framework of a movie that isn’t good, or might not have a lot of merit but sort of rests on the fact that it goes to the extreme.