Start Debian updating to squeeze

Debian updating to squeeze

Select Automatic download notice the user that runs the logitechmediaserver service has no permissions to start and stop - thats a security feature not a bug - you have to do that yourself!

I love Hetzner because they offer beefy machines to low prices.

This server is a dedicated Intel(R) with an i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz and 24 GB of RAM for which I pay just 34 EUR/month, VAT included.

I don't remember the package's name, but it wasn't a system important package.

I bypassed that problem by installing the damned irrelevant package by hand, issuing a dpkg -i for the exact package name.

If you have valuable services running on your server, or you keep important data on your machine, or you can't afford some downtime, please read the official doc for upgrade (you can find the link in the External Resources section, below in this article).

Heck, you should have a look at it anyways, because the points being emphasized there are really strong and are things that we all should incorporate in our daily lives as server owners.

When I restarted to try the new installation (wheezy), I was greeted with a new bootloader which replaced my custom one without even bothering to ask me for my opinion.

The new bootloader took me to Wheezy which failed to turn on the backlight of my laptop notwithstanding that I filed a bug report almost a year ago!

If you subscribe to the Linode Backup Service, we recommend that you take a manual snapshot before upgrading to Debian 7.

If you use another backup service or application, we recommend that you make a manual backup now.

It all went great with that upgrade, and I had no issues with the OS ever since - this is the reason that made me confident that the upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie is smooth and easy.