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Ashley bashioum dating

Today’s funeral was held at noon at the Church of the Covenant in Washington. and the procession to the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies began.

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Join The Conversation On The KDKA Facebook Page Stay Up To Date, Follow KDKA On Twitter The FOP lodge in Washington County, Canonsburg Police and the Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation sold t-shirts and decals at the celebration to raise money for the family.

“At the end of it all, this is the best you can hope for, everyone comes together and sits in a big room, has a meal, and talks about you and say I remember this and I remember that,” Lynn said.

Cwiklinski, who killed Dalia Sabae, had planted propane tanks in the apartment and in his vehicle outside but was unable to detonate them with gunfire, which he apparently hoped would harm even more officers.

The police and other emergency vehicles were part of a 15-mile procession from a funeral home to the church.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A day of mourning ended with a celebration of the life of fallen Canonsburg Police Officer Scott Bashioum and all the good he did in the community.

Officer Bashioum’s widow, Ashley, received hugs from mourners as she arrived at the Washington County Fairgrounds late Wednesday afternoon. “The love Ashley and Scott obviously shared is a wonderful, amazing thing.

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Here he is with Ashley Bashioum (who apparently used to be on The Young and the Restless) on New Year's Eve. Good for him, though I guess I can finally stop hoping that he and L.