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I used to dwell on my singleness on Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it and then after valentine revert to being myself again.

Beyonce's album centered on what people would call 'feminism', a political movement which has an objective of establishing political, economical, and social rights for woman all over the world. But amidst all this, amidst the fact that what Sasha Fierce said are all true, I do not identify as feminist.

People like me who were heartily singing her lyrics amidst vocal incapacity was the reason why with each single that was released from the said album, chart toppers were not unexpected. A rhetoric was finally available for the world to hear what each passing moment is like being a lady. Here are the reasons why: For decades women have been yelling on the streets that men don't feel the pain of giving birth or even the slightest feeling of having a menstrual cramp and that because of these facts they owe us big time.

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