Start Dental office manager dating patient

Dental office manager dating patient

Yet, the termination of a dentist-patient relationship presents difficult issues, and a dentist must carefully follow the appropriate procedures for termination of the relationship.

They are always professional and up to date on the latest technology and education.

They strive to give each and every patient exceptional service-above and beyond any expectations you may have.

Every member of your front office team -- receptionists, A/R/A/P, Booking/Payment processing, calling/confirming appointments -- needs to have a job description.

A job description is different than the details you post when you’re looking to hire.

The doctors also see to it that the entire team benefit from higher educational classes so that you, our patient, will receive ultimate patient care (service). “Our team is dedicated to excellence in dentistry and enhancing the lives of our patients”.

I have been with Compton and Broomhead Dental Center since 1991.

He wants to know if you still want to pursue it.” “Who the heck are the Johnsons? She told me I treated them back in 2012 and they never paid their bill. I hadn’t met him before but he’s done a great job handling the few collections accounts we’ve had over the years.

After numerous ignored billing statements and voice mails, our attorney was able to get a hold of them but they still refused to pay. The Johnsons had both showed up and that was pretty darn awkward to see them in the flesh again.

These duties and responsibilities may not be exclusive and may overlap with the duties and responsibilities of another office team member. These are sometimes dreaded by employees and managers alike, but they really do need to be done.

They become particularly important in the case of a dismissal of an employee who decides to sue for wrongful dismissal.

A job description tells an employee exactly what their responsibilities are and to whom they report directly.