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The above claim revolves around a very specific definition of “sex for pleasure,” which in this case is copulation between the male and female of a species where such activity is completely separated from the purpose of fertilization.

That is, in only a couple of animal species other than humans will males and females willingly (and regularly) engage in sex with each other even when there is no possibility that offspring will be produced as a result.

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(Note that this definition specifically excludes homosexual and masturbatory activity, as neither of those categories involves male-female pairings.) Females of most animal species give off detectable signals when they are fertile: a change in appearance, a distinctive smell, the production of particular sounds, or specific signaling behaviors.

They do this because a number of factors makes engaging in sex an expensive and risky proposition: For reasons such as these, many animals cannot afford to “waste” the effort of engaging in sex when there is no possibility that their genes will be passed on to another generation through the production of offspring.

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