Start Updating sql server 2016 r2

Updating sql server 2016 r2

The first DB snapshot is of the DB instance before any upgrade changes have been made.

With the release of SQL server 2016, the upgrade paths from previous versions are available here.

Before that version, you needed to start the setup with “SKUUPGRADE=1”, the command in older versions is: Hi!

I'm Branko, a consultant focused on Microsoft technologies from the Netherlands.

Here are three great reasons to consider upgrading: The background investments in SSRS 2016 have created a truly modern reporting tool.

Boasting a new HTML5 renderer, Reporting Services now displays consistently and correctly across modern browsers including Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Check if your SQL server version can be upgraded to SQL server 2016.

My Test Setup – In my test setup, I am running Configuration Manager version 1606.

In a slight contrast to other recent releases of SQL Server, 2016 is not as directly focused on Azure features mainly because Microsoft is moving towards a common code base for both the on-premises version of SQL Server and Azure SQL Database which will allow for changes to come into the product in more of an Agile fashion.