Start Validating a foreign adoption in colorado

Validating a foreign adoption in colorado

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Parents must be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to care for a child.

No person or organization other than county departments or child placing agencies licensed in Colorado shall offer, give, charge, or receive money in connection with finding a child, natural parent, or prospective adoptive parent for adoption.

The information contained on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice.

Always seek the advice of a licensed and qualified professional.

The International Adoption Clinic (IAC) at Children's Colorado began in 1999 and is a specialized outpatient referral clinic serving the Rocky Mountain Region for the evaluation and care of internationally adopted children.

We specialize in pre-adoption medical consultation and evaluation and care of children after adoption.

Our knowledge and skills help us to assess medical, nutritional, developmental and behavioral issues specific to international adoptees and to help you and your pediatrician provide the best care to your new child and to your family.

Our team members have extensive personal experience with issues in international adoption; some have adopted children of their own from other countries and have worked around the world with orphaned and abandoned children.

The selected ASP helps match you with a child and provides in-country services.

LFS has achieved the honor of Hague Accreditation, an international agreement that establishes safeguards to ensure intercountry adoptions are in the best interests of the child. LFS is the only Colorado agency to be accredited for outgoing adoptions.

Our clinic is based on the principle of looking at your adopted child and family as a whole.