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Sometimes I have an algorithm compare JPEG to PNG for an image and send the smaller version to the user.

there is an error in your codein my case, it was 4optional und es kann ein Wert zwischen 0 (schlechteste Qualität, kleine Datei) und 100 (beste Qualität, größte Datei) übergeben werden.

The PHP JPEG compression is pretty decent, but it seems to generally:-Lighten the image overall, by a reasonable amount (never seen this before, but it will drive graphic designers crazy, you might want to darken the image before compressing it)-Reduce saturation, especially with images with lots of points of different color within a few pixels of each other (this is a documented feature of JPEG)-Seriously mess with blue colors, which is common to all JPEG but really annoying in some situations with blue and black or other detailed blue parts You might want to consider using imagepng() and outputting a PNG image instead of a JPEG if any of the above affect you, or your image is not very photo-like.