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Who is samantha harris dating

News and worked as substitute host and correspondent of The Insider.

When Alice is heartbroken, her two best guyfriends, Geo and Ty, try to cheer her up.

An American television hostess who is better known as the co-host of the popular competition show Dancing with the Stars alongside Tom Bergeron. She has also modeled for popular magazines like Muscle & Fitness: HERS, FHM, SELF and SHAPE magazines.

Her best friends include: Nelle Parkinson, Lysander Scamander, and Jessmyna Swan.

In the first book, Samantha is introduced when she flirts with Ty Embers and Geo De Martin on the train to Hogwarts.

Samantha is sorted into Ravenclaw, with Rose Weasley, Alice Longbottom, and her best friend, Nelle Parkinson.

She tries out for Ravenclaw Seeker is first year, but Alice gets the position instead.

Talking about her personal life she is happily married with her longtime sweetheart.

Together they seem to be very happy with each other.

"I have been all about a good sale since I was 12," Harris (here, with DWTS cohost Tom Bergeron on March 16) said.

"It takes stamina, though, and I have found recently that I have less patience...

She secretly hooks up with Geo after the opening day feast, but nobody finds out until Alice and Albus start dating (around Alice's birthday).