Start Ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

Ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

She was also seen visiting twice during the later part of 2009.

Around the same time, Iijima penned a novel also titled "Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara," as well as a sequel titled "Kamisama ga Kureta Namida." The drama special is based on those two books, which sold more than 450,000 copies combined.

It seems their relationship has reached a new level.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Josei Seven reports that Matsuyama has moved in with Koyuki and her family.

Aiba is my overall bias (sorry Jaejoong, not sorry) but I am extremely calm about this. I think I'm only doubting my sanity today because I locked myself in the bathroom so I could cry over Mariko's graduation. Lol what happened to that other rumor that Arashi members get 20 to 28 million yen only? I don't even know why but for some reason, I've always thought Sho would be the first Arashi member to get married. Anything less for any one of them would just be totally unfair given how much each of their workloads