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Arsenal lyckades vinna den minst sagt händelserika öppningsmatchen mot Leicester under fredagskvällen efter ett sent vinstmål av Giroud.

Dagen då världens vackraste klubb Arsenal återigen ska spela match som kommer att ge oss fjärilar i magen.

Irish full-time employees worked an average of 1,809 hours compared to 1,874 for Brits and 1,845 for Germans.

The brochure, entitled “Sexual Health and Rights in Sweden” covers a variety of topics from information on the transmission of HIV to the rights of asylum seekers who are gay or transsexual.

A plot that ends up in some family confusion - Molly gets Peter's brother, who cannot get it on with her on the wedding night, and Peter takes over his place in the bed.

Fine explicit and natural sex, no artificial climactic shots. The only thing that is obvious is that Marie Forså (Molly) does not play in the one explicit sex scene she is supposed to have.

For the next two years, the RFSL has set several goals including advocating for “LGBTQ people’s right to asylum and opportunity to live in the country of their choice”.

Sweden is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world.

The booklet is illustrated with graphic illustrations of explicit sex acts by artist Bitte Andersson.