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(performer: "I Need a Doctor", "Love the Way You Lie') / (performer: "Lighters", "Fast Lane" - as Bad Meets Evil) / (writer: "Lighters", "I Need a Doctor", "Fast Lane") - Lighters (2011) ...

They also steal furniture and clothes but realise the error of their ways and pay for the damage.

Mc Gregor’s garden to retrieve Peter’s jacket and shoes. Not only does he fail to catch any minnows, but a trout tries to eat him and only spits him out because he doesn’t like the taste of his macintosh!

However, the two young cousins end up trapped in a basket that Mr. follows Hunca Munca and her husband Tom Thumb as they run riot through a beautiful doll’s house.

and the cartoon characters look three-dimensional and seem to be occupying real space.