Start Bf2142 stats not updating

Bf2142 stats not updating

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Smaller squads and losing the commanders (at least half of the games I played left that position empty) makes some sense in that regard, but no VOIP was a huge mistake.

I even get the trade off between client and server side registry, client side allows for the smoother, albeit less accurate, experience. Normally i wouldn´t see the age as an arguement,but it´s a fact that this series is 10 year old these days..which means you need to be at least around 22-26 years old now when you started with the very first one at age 15/16.

~So when i switched and now switch between BF2 and BF2142 on the top side of revive launcher,it sometimes show notification about update is being required.

Then,when i click on it, it starts updating well but after about 5 seconds -updating screen disappears and i have normal revive launcher menu.

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