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Bginfo not updating desktop

When nurses and doctors switch from one physical client to another (typically stationary thin or zero clients), Bg Info’s values are not updated and were now displaying stale IP/MAC values for the physical client.

So why do you care about a program that is not even officially supported?

If you have ever done system administration, you probably have the problem where you connect to so many servers that you have no idea which computer you are connected to half the time.

BGInfo is a great utility that lets you display useful system information right on the desktop. If you’ve been following along with our series, you might be surprised at the huge departure from hunting malware and deleting crapware to displaying stuff on the desktop, but the Sys Internals tools aren’t just about finding things to kill.

This is the way I make Bg Info work in Windows 2012 (and even Windows 7 too).

It is a little different than in the past but I still need my Bg Info info screen displayed so this is what I figured out. Now we have Bg Info configured to be started from the Utilities folder on the Aero desktop, but also to be automatically executed at log in.

The different resolutions cause bginfo to write its background at a slightly different offset each time, which means the background is garbled over time.

How can we get the desktop background to be reset on logon, so that bginfo writes its new one with a clean slate?

Using BGInfo is very simple: open it and click the Apply button, and your desktop will have a ton of system information plastered all over it right away.