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Dating penguin lighter

All types of lighters are collected, from solid gold to the first of the recent disposable lighters. The most common lighter today is the disposable butane cigarette lighter.

I believe they're dated 1964, so they'd be just at the beginning of the Vietnam War over 40 years ago. They get very heavily stained from the lighter fluid, from the fire, but these are in mint, mint condition. APPRAISER: Yeah, just an incredible group of lighters. " is so often "It depends." Note the date: Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded.

And of special interest, the ones that I really liked were some of the local Hawaiian ones. These are becoming very, very popular amongst collectors over the past ten or 15 years. GUEST: I have no idea, but I know a Zippo is about five bucks. If these were vintage Zippos from this period, they'd be considerably more than that, but even Penguins, which are not quite as valuable as Zippos, are still valuable. This information appears in the upper left corner of the page, with the label "Appraised On." Values change over time according to market forces, so the current value of the item could be higher, lower, or the same as when our expert first appraised it. Most of our experts will give appraisal values in context.

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