Start Is cameron diaz dating justin timberlake again

Is cameron diaz dating justin timberlake again

Those wild and amazing years really don’t feel like they were that long ago at all.

She then stormed out of the bash, with Timberlake following in close pursuit.

The two went on to have a 40-minute argument in a private room, during which he "slammed his fist into a cabinet," reported Their relationship even got off on the wrong foot.

Jennifer and Heidi cry it out over a glass of wine.

"Weepy cat lady," "bitter ex-girlfriend," and "anal retentive yoga enthusiast" are my favorites.

When he dropped his "Cry Me a River" video, he cast a Spears-lookalike who wore an outfit identical to one the songstress wore on a red carpet with Timberlake by her side.

In the video, the Spears doppelganger was a cheating girlfriend.

If you think any of that is a coincidence, we have some magic beans to sell you.