Start Updating drivers of windows 7 and tuning

Updating drivers of windows 7 and tuning

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview does a good job of recognizing most hardware and making it usable all by itself, but IT administrators will want to do a little homework to get all the drivers they want working well.

- PC Mag, January 2017** Slim Cleaner’s system-improving tools makes it’s Editors Choice in the free PC tune-up utility category.

That’s because Windows has evolved over many years with features that specifically target the behavior of conventional hard disks.

Features like Superfetch and Prefetch and Ready Boot are designed to monitor files you access at startup and when you launch programs and then arrange them on the disk for optimal access.

Disk performance was reasonably fast, but it certainly wasn’t jaw-dropping, and the disk score in the Windows Experience Index was stuck stubbornly at 5.9.

A number of registry and filesystem tweaks can be applied to Windows XP running on SSD-based computers in order to make it run faster and consume less memory.

You should run using the Windows-R to launch and run Windows Update before you begin messing with drivers, because it will pick up and upgrade or install some older or missing device drivers for you automatically.

SSDs start and shut down fast, and they perform read operations (especially random reads) at speeds that blow the doors off conventional hard drives.

For WIN8/8.1 & WIN 10 unfortunately, the tuneboy driver is to install only with a trick.