Start Wireless network hangs on validating identity

Wireless network hangs on validating identity

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It looks like you are using WPA-EAP on your computer.

unless you are running into the initial problem that most older hardware had. You may need to do a firmware upgrade on your device that is connecting to the router. Firstly you can not use WPA, you can use WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK or WEP.

I had been able to connect previously, but the connection would always indicate that it was validating.

On installation, my sons (Vista) machine connected instantly and is running like the clappers. Sly Even if this was working before (on two machines simultaneously?

When trying to connect, the windows client just hangs at "Validating Identity." I originally thought it was a density issue as when I added AP's to certain areas, it seemed to fix the issue.

There are some areas; however, that only have 5 clients and the issue is still prevalent.

When setting up WPA you will see the option for either a radius server (Enterprise, and you see this in the corporate environment) or a place to enter a passphrase (Pre Shared Key, PSK).