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Henrik lundqvist dating

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NEW YORK -- Now that Game 7 is at hand, the memory of how the Tampa Bay Lightning torched the New York Rangers for 11 goals in the second and third games of this wildly entertaining and thrillingly unpredictable Eastern Conference finals series feels as if it happened a lifetime ago, not just last week.

The same goes for Henrik Lundqvist’s public wobble after Game 3, during which the all-world Rangers goaltender conceded he was searching for ways to solve the unusual success that Tampa’s NHL-best offense had against him -- a rare glimmer of self-doubt from the Rangers’ best player.

Valiquette, speaking on "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN radio 98.7 in New York admitted, “I’ve been trying to put my finger” on what separates Lundqvist.

And the observations he went on to lay out were hands down the best explanation anyone has given yet to describe the ineffable things that Lundqvist consistently summons and lesser goalies can’t.“He is pretty normal on East-West plays and shots that he has with half of a second of clear sight before the puck releases from the shooter’s stick,” Valiquette began.

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With one historic playoff performance, goalie Henrik Lundqvist is headed to the Stanley Cup. I look at myself physically, I’m not superstrong or superfast but on the ice it so much about technique.