Start Updating redhat 9 0

Updating redhat 9 0

HPE recommends that our customers update to the latest service packs and security releases from Red Hat.

If not, please adjust the info below to suit your needs. You will also need to install -contrib and -devel packages for pg_upgrade, pg_config binaries and related files.

Now, let's initdb 9.0 cluster: You may want to apply some more changes to 9.0's postgresql.conf, and optimize it more for data loading. In order to pg_upgrade to work, all postmasters needs to be shut down.

These instructions work for Docker EE for RHEL and for Docker EE for Linux, which includes access to Docker EE for all Linux distributions. Continue to Post-installation steps for Linux to allow non-privileged users to run Docker commands and for other optional configuration steps.

Loaded plugins: downloadonly, protectbase, rhnplugin, security, verify 0 packages excluded due to repository protections Skipping security plugin, no data Setting up Update Process Resolving Dependencies Skipping security plugin, no data -- Package poppler.x86_64 0:0.5.4-4.4.el5_4.11 set to be updated .....

If you have that channel available, upgrade to Firefox 3.0.12 is the latest version available in repository of 5.8 and so you are getting same.

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At the weekend I got into a discussion with Andy Stanford-Clark and Richard Appleby on Twitter troubleshooting basic application installation in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (like Pidgin).