Start What to expect when dating a russian man

What to expect when dating a russian man

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A few weeks ago, a reader requested that I write a post on the dos and don’ts of dating Russian men.

A reader’s wishes is normally my command, and yet this particular one presented a bit of a dilemma.

It was like the Russian Man Whisperer had descended from the sky and awarded me with the Ten Commandments of seducing Slavic gentlemen.

After thanking my lucky stars for a task easily accomplished, I was hindered by another realization.

No, it is simply that Russian guys and myself rarely cross paths, for most of them prefer adult restaurants in favor of hipster joints and stay as far from my beloved Nolita as possible.

And so, I decided to ask for a little bit of help from my friends. Immediately, I knew that my investigation was over.

Russian women today outnumber men by 10.5 million, primarily due to high male mortality rates fueled by heart disease, accidents and alcoholism, all made worse by dramatic socioeconomic changes in post-Soviet Russia. Only a fraction of the men who are still alive aren’t violent, impoverished or addicted to alcohol, Varra claims.

“Finding a Russian man over 40 who has money and isn’t an alcoholic is extremely hard,” she said.

"There are too many women and not enough men." While anecdotal evidence suggests Russia isn’t the only country where successful women over the age of 40 struggle to find potential husbands, the gap here is wide enough to be statistically significant.

Based on preliminary census results published in March, men account for just 46.3 percent of Russia's population, while women make up 53.7 percent. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russia's population has been steadily decreasing.

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