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Try online dating

"I think, why don't you just meet a guy at Starbucks? "Why doesn't a guy have the guts to just go up and say, 'Hey, I'm so-and-so. ' Maybe I'm old school." WATCH: Oliver Hudson Hilariously Mocks Tabloid Romance Rumors Surrounding Sister Kate and Brad Pitt Hudson later admitted that she might consider the world of online dating when she's older, but she still finds it "weird." "Cut to, you're staring at your television and wondering why you don't have a date," she quipped.

The good news is that e Harmony makes it genuinely fun.

I’ve signed up to hundreds of different sites and apps during my time in the dating industry and I’m being honest when I say that the e Harmony sign-up experience is one of the most interesting.

” “K.” “Ya.” “Not now,” I answer, trying to make this playful even though it’s becoming obnoxious. That afternoon, a large and expensive bouquet of fresh flowers is delivered to my office. “I couldn’t find an arrangement as beautiful as you. ” “It will be fine.” Rob pulls up in a monster-sized truck from which it takes him great effort to exit.

Forever yours, Rob.” That’s nice — and kind of strange. ” “It’s online dating, you don’t meet first.” “Aren’t you supposed to have coffee or something before you go to dinner? It becomes clear in a flash that he is extremely unhealthy, does not take care of himself, and the reason his photo was obscured was purposeful.

We share awkward conversation over dinner, I deflect a good-bye kiss on my way out of the big truck, and the next morning I contact him to say I don't think we’re a good match.

Interestingly, he takes down his profile shortly after.

” OK, so she may just wants to basically troll dating apps, but—tomato, to-mah-to. And I want to meet you first.” It’s possible that somehow Kendall missed the memo about how she was supposed to wax poetic about the magic of dating apps, since she definitely missed the mark on that Pepsi ad, but—who knows. After all, they both hit up Coachella, but—very much unlike last year—they partied separately.